Language Content Copyright Notice:

Shawnee Tribe language resources created as a result of the Shawnee Tribe Language Department, include but are not limited to recordings, written texts, and teaching materials as well as software and songs. Copyright applies to these materials.

Oral stories or performances in traditional language posted herein that include documented audio or textual representations of languages and sounds that are embodied in an article or thing in a material form are also protected. All language resources in which the language is recorded and stored are protected by copyright protection, including but not limited to computer programs and software, websites, compilations, applications, and sound recordings.

Materials produced herein are a work product of the Shawnee Tribe Language Department in conjunction with Shawnee Tribe employees, consultants, and tribal elders. Materials contained herein cannot be mass-produced, shared or copied without expressed written consent of the Shawnee Tribe. Individuals may use these for personal and educational purposes.